Month: July 2021

  • June 2021 Summer Staycation

    June 2021 Summer Staycation

    Being honest as always, something we’ve really missed as a family is travel. I personally use holidays (vacations for my American friends) as part of my goal strategy. We pick a place, pick the hotel and activities, then I get to work to make it happen and enjoy the reward of creating amazing memories with…

  • Productivity Vs Activity

    Productivity Vs Activity

    It’s easy to drift into activity alone when trying to build a business at the same time as balancing the rest of your life. As a hard worker, it’s been easy for me to simply put my head down and forget to look up and see if the work I was doing was actually moving…

  • Network Marketing Basic Training

    Network Marketing Basic Training

    Everything is life you want to be good at has certain un-avoidable basics you can’t ignore IF you are serious about success. Network Marketing is no different. If you’re on the hunt for results, here’s my essentials to win after 10 years in the game…   Video: Network Marketing Basic Training Next Steps I went…