Does Network Marketing Still Work

Does Network Marketing Still Work?

Does network marketing still work, can you still be successful at it or are there far better options out there when looking to create extra income?

After a decade in the industry and working with thousands of reps, I reveal my personal thoughts and best advice to help you reach your goals and avoid a lot of wasted time

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Let’s dive in!


Why You Should Not Join Network Marketing

Something only works in the hands of someone that’s working it!

So if you or the people you are prospecting already have one eye on quitting, complaining, making excuses…then don’t join!

The best business in the World is useless to someone that doesn’t have the passion or persistence to capitalise on the opportunity.


Is Network Marketing A Good Career?

Yes, it can be and does provide a full-time and beyond income for many network marketing reps.

What I have noticed though is network marketing doesn’t work when you come into it under unnecessary pressure.

For example:  Thinking quitting a job transforms results from zero to hero…you simply scale your existing failure!

The smart move is to get in the groove by hitting at least 1000 per month and then scaling that now you know what works.

Then, absolutely you can carve out an amazing lifestyle using this powerful career choice…remember there’s more 6+ figure female earners in direct sales than any other industry!


Let’s examine these points further and get a detailed answer on if or how network marketing still works in my video summary below…


Video: Does Network Marketing Still Work

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As always, go create a day and life that counts and always have more desires than excuses.
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