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Network Marketing Game Plan – 1000 p/m Road Map

Did you know 90% of every single network marketing rep fails to reach $1000 p/m, why?  Because they lack the network marketing game plan to do so!

I accept that a road map is only as useful as the person following it, but what chance does anyone really have at reaching their desired destination if they are following an incorrect map!

I believe and have seen many times before, that when I give network marketers the right strategy, amazing things happen.

That’s why I have an announcement to make where you can receive what you need to take you to your first or next $1000 consistent monthly income in your existing mlm business.

(Full details and free signup to the challenge are in the video lower down this page)

Let’s dive in!


90 Day Game Plan Network Marketing

When’s the last time you went cold turkey with a bad habit and stayed consistent for a full 90 days?

It’s super tough.

90 days sounds good, but in reality we need to show you results a lot sooner to keep you consistent in your new direction and habits.

We’ll be doing just that in my 4 Figure Networker Challenge (free).


Network Marketing Daily Schedule?

Network Marketing is a tough game to play, even tougher to master and impossible without a game plan or accountability.

So as you’ll see in the video I want to surround you with both my instruction (I’ve helped thousands of network marketers get results) as well as fellow home business owners pulling each other along in the same direction…success.

Watch the video below to see the full details and then follow the steps under the video.

**Just to be totally upfront as I always am, there is absolutely no financial investment required or asked with the 4 figure networker challenge.


Video: Network Marketing Game Plan

Next Steps

1 – Join My Facebook Group Where The Challenge Is Being Held Here: Join Richard’s Network Marketing Facebook Group

2 – Once accepted, comment “1000” in the pinned post/announcement post at the very top of the group…you’re in!


As always, go create a day and life that counts and always have more desires than excuses.
To Your Success!

Richard Matharoo



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