Success Is The Outcome of Effective Strategy & Habits, It Has Rules That Must Be Followed Like Any Pursuit In Life. My Process Operates On The Science of Results Not The Blind Acceptance of Outdated Old or Distraction of Flimsy Shiny New.


An Evolved Approach That Fixes The Outdated And Reflects The Needs of Modern Life & Modern Home Business

Everyone Else - Linear Manual

95% of networkers are failing to cover their monthly fees and the 5% on stage are teaching a 5 year freedom plan they’re 8 years into and still shackled to daily calls, team meetings and manual growth.

The sobering reality is most education resources are either based on outdated “hit ‘n hope” or out of touch coach’s re-packaging the same old low converting scripts and one by one slow linear approach with a nothing new other than a shiny name and logo.

Authority Networker - Predictable Multiplication

I came from zero to sponsoring over 700 people and helping other networkers generate over £2Million in revenue in their businesses…I understand the industry, you, your challenges and have the solutions to predictable, automated growth.

Network Marketing is a business, so I have taken the high standards and professional actions highly successful businesses implement in other industries and molded them to fit any network marketing business. My track record speaks for itself.


I Provide The Education, Inspiration, Application & Environment For You & Your Home Business To Thrive

Personal Performance

Everywhere you go, there you are. I’ll help you identify and remove limiting beliefs and habits then replace with peak performance daily actions. Re-program your behavior for success, leadership & happiness. Fulfill your potential and become the action-taking magnetic person others seek out.

Results-Driven Education

I don’t like waste and I know you don’t either. Everything I teach is 100% derived from real results being created in the network marketing industry right now. Come learn the building blocks to becoming a highly successful network marketer in total control of their business growth.


Knowledge is NOT power, it’s simply potential. The application of knowledge is where the power is. I immediately provide real-World applications of all knowledge provided so you can reap the rewards of a market-driven over opinion-created business.


I provide a supportive and driven environment that surrounds you with other inspired networkers pulling for you to win. Get the help you need when you need it, the accountability to squash excuses and the kick up the backside when that’s required.


Have your eyes opened to the reality of today’s network marketing industry and what it takes to succeed. When you fully understand the rules, it’s so much easier to play a successful game.

From Zero To Market Domination

I provide 3 stages of evolution for you to ascend through. Whether you are a total beginner confused at the simplest way to begin, an experienced rep that can’t create the results you hoped for, a burnt-out leader that lacks freedom or leverage or a highly driven individual wanting nothing but ultimate performance. My program provides a 3 step ladder to the top of the Home Business Industry.


Over £2Million In Revenue Generated By Network Marketers Applying Richard’s Strategies & Courses

Linda Went From The Brink of Quitting To Authority Brand

“We both know if it wasn’t for you I would have quit last year. Now I’m following my passion, getting results and living my dream life”

Linda G - UK

Matt Got Started...5 Days Later Had 8 Sales

“I wanted to give a shout out to Richard Matharoo this morning. I created a funnel following Richard’s training at the beginning of the Week and so far have 15 opt-ins with 8 sales”

Matt R - Worthing, UK

...John Generated Massive Engagement

“Thanks Richard, put your training into action and one of my promotional posts hit 1511 likes and 61 shares in under 2 days”

John W - UK


Most Courses and Coach’s Only Teach Specific Skills or Parts of Tactics…That’s Like Having To Complete A Jigsaw With Missing Puzzle Pieces Spread Out Over 20 Boxes.

I Provide Everything Required To Create Your Home Business Success Layer By Layer To Position You To Win & Understand The Process At Every Step.

Youcentric GoalGetter

You are the most important part of your business. I’ll build you into a goalgetting machine with effective success-driven habits.

Generate Interest

Use positioning, branding and market specific promotion both organic and scaling with paid advertising to put you and your business in front of the exact people hungry to buy what you offer.

Convert Interest

Interest is nice, but it doesn’t pay. With partial then fully automated digital conversion and follow-up methods you’ll be able to convert interest to actual sales, sign-ups and clients.

Competition, Duplication & Retention

You’ll be totally self-sufficient in creating results, but with value packaging, internal training systems and specificity marketing you’ll rise above the competition, cultivate high-performers and engage your team…without any one on one input.

Enter The CEO

Building a huge high-performing, self-sufficient team is nice, but now it’s time to work on and not just in your business. Ascend to CEO status, grow to multiple 6 figures and beyond as you establish your Authority Brand and totally automate every process for perpetual growth.

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