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  • June 2021 Summer Staycation

    June 2021 Summer Staycation

    Being honest as always, something we’ve really missed as a family is travel. I personally use holidays (vacations for my American friends) as part of my goal strategy. We pick a place, pick the hotel and activities, then I get to work to make it happen and enjoy the reward of creating amazing memories with…

  • How Network Marketing Changed My Life

    How Network Marketing Changed My Life

    A lot of people have a lot to say about the network marketing industry.  As a ten year veteran, here’s how network marketing changed my life. I share everything in the video below…scroll down to it…   Insecurity Epidemic The nature of our society dictates that many people say what they say to seek approval…

  • Can Anyone Do Network Marketing?

    Can Anyone Do Network Marketing?

    Can Anyone do network marketing successfully or will you always be destined to fail until you become a certain type of person? Let’s examine that so you can get the results you want. Scroll down for the full video training…   How To Make Money In Network Marketing Of course anyone can sign-up and get…